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As we move into a new year, it is my pleasure to introduce PowerDsine's newly designed newsletter.

This quarterly publication offers readers the most up-to-date information on Power over LAN™ technology, IEEE standard committee milestones, new applications and Power over LAN compatible terminals, as well as periodic updates and overview of the Ethernet marketplace.

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Wishing all of us a successful and fruitful 2003!

Julie Shafiki,
Director of Corporate Communications

PowerDsine Opens New Channels for Power over LAN Midspan

PowerDsine has expanded from its traditional sales strategy of partnering with key OEM companies, to a direct channel of sales via international and national distribution channels in the USA and Europe. Over the last six months, PowerDsine has signed agreements with five major distributors - in the US: Anixter, D&H and WAV, in addition to global agreements with the Westcon Group (Westcon, Comstor and Voda One) and Ingram Micro.

PowerDsine and its new partners will combine expertise and resources in the areas of marketing and sales to promote PowerDsine's 6000 Power over LAN midspan family solutions to resellers and end-users in the cabling infrastructure, wireless and security markets.

Anixter D&H
Wescon Wav
Ingram Micro

PowerDsine and WAV Exhibit at
802.11 Planet

802.11 Planet 802.11 Planet, the wireless networking show, which took place in Santa Clara, CA in early December, was rated a great success by both PowerDsine and WAV, a distributor of wireless LAN and data capturing hardware. In the PowerDsine and WAV sponsored booth, PowerDsine's Power over LAN 6000 midspan series and various vendors' wireless end terminals were displayed, attracting much attention from both end-users and resellers in the wireless industry.

PowerDsine plans on exhibiting at the upcoming 802.11 Planet conference in Boston on June 25-27, 2003.

Security Monitoring and Surveillance Sectors benefit from Power over LAN

Sony Network Camera PowerDsine's Power over LAN™ is now being deployed in the security monitoring and surveillance arena. As IP surveillance is increasingly replacing traditional CCTV surveillance and monitoring devices in enterprise and industrial applications, Power over LAN technology offers reduced installation costs, uninterrupted power supply, plus the ability to install remote video cameras in locations where separate power lines are impractical.

Axis Network Camera PowerDsine is cooperating with several network camera and video server vendors, such as Axis Communications of Sweden, to offer a solution that enables power feeding over standard Ethernet cables for a range of IP surveillance solutions. These IP surveillance solutions combine network cameras and video servers into a converged IP solution that is more efficient to install and manage than traditional CCTV surveillance equipment.

The combination of PowerDsine's Power over LAN midspans and IP surveillance solutions allow enterprises to install a scalable solution, gradually adding more video products in a network.


PowerDsine Launches IEEE 802.3af Compliant Single-Port Power over LAN™ Midspan

The New PowerDsine 6001 PowerDsine recently announced its new PowerDsine 6001 single-port Power over LAN™ IEEE 802.3af compliant midspan, offering end-users a money-saving solution to ease the installation of wireless LAN access points and network security camera systems. The PowerDsine 6001 is compatible with all major vendors' wireless LAN access points and network security cameras. The new standard-compliant PowerDsine 6001 replaces PowerDsine's 4001 model, which has already been deployed worldwide in many wireless hotspots, such as airports, universities, hotels and cafes.


RADLAN and PowerDsine® Partner to Offer Switch Vendors Quick Time-to-Market 802.3af Embedded Solution

Radlan and PowerDsine Partner Radlan, the industry leader of embedded networking software and system solutions, and PowerDsine the leader of Power over LAN technology, announced a new synergy partnership agreement, which is aimed at accelerating value-added offerings to Ethernet systems OEMs that are looking to outsource switches and routers with Power over LAN IEEE 802.3af compliant support; enabling power feeding through Ethernet for applications, such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points, network cameras, and other Ethernet-powered devices.

"Radlan has quickly responded to the increasing demand for Power over LAN support in our production-ready switches and routers", said Yoram Valent, President of Radlan, Inc. "With the addition of PowerDsine to our OpENSChannel technology partners program, Radlan provides an immediate solution to our growing tier one Enterprise and Metro Access OEM customers."


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